Samsung 65″ 4K Smart QLED 65Q80T

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  • Feel the detail in every scene

    Discover the details in bold contrasts

    Direct Full Array 8X

    Precisely controlled backlights intelligently adjust to deliver richer blacks. Brace yourself for crisp details with unparalleled contrast.

    * Direct Full Array Numerical Index based on backlighting, antireflection and contrast enhancement technologies.

    Picture quality that stands the test of time

    No Screen Burn-in

    Quantum dots are inorganic materials that provide consistently bright and vivd image quality for years. This means the display doesn’t burn-out with time, the amazing colors and details you see today will stay the same over time.

    Comparison for illustrative purpose only

    Powerful intelligence for perfection

    Quantum Processor 4K

    Samsung’s powerful processor optimizes picture quality to excellent viewing conditions, improving all your content.

    Upgrade what you like to 4K


    4K AI Upscaling


    4K AI upscaling uses Samsung’s powerful Quantum Processor, automatically analyzing the input source to reduce image noise, restore lost detail, and define edges around objects and text. Now you can get 4K resolution images and sound, regardless of the source.

    * Viewing experience may vary according to types of content and format.

    Surroundings change, picture perfect


    Adaptive Picture


    Actively adapts to the viewing environment by automatically adjusting the brightness. Experience perfect picture, no matter what time of day or content you’re watching.

    Rich, dynamic, and realistic pictures

    Quantum HDR 8X/12X

    Quantum HDR 12X ensures contrasts are deeper, and the brightness is amped up to reveal the hidden details in very dark/bright areas. The dynamic tone mapping of HDR10+ allows color and contrast to be adjusted scene by scene.

    * The range of Quantum HDR claims luminance based on internal testing standards and is subject to change according to viewing environment or specific conditions.
    * The availability of the feature may vary by TV size.

    One billion shades of accurate color

    100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot

    Quantum Dot Technology delivers our finest picture ever. With Color Volume 100%, Quantum Dot takes light and turns it into breathtaking color that stays true at any level of brightness.

    * 100% color volume measured to DCI-P3 standard, certified by VDE.

    Active sound that tracks the object

    Object Tracking Sound (OTS)

    Experience the vibrant nuances in every scene with audio that tracks every motion. With dedicated up-firing and down-firing speakers, you can experience vividly realistic 3D sound that pulls you in closer.

    * The availability of the feature may vary by TV size.

    Don’t be disturbed, catch every word

    Active Voice Amplifier (AVA)


    Unexpected noises from your home can disturb your viewing experience. AVA amplifies the voices in the scene so the dialogue is delivered clearly. Watch TV without losing track of the conversation.

    TV and soundbar in perfect harmony



    Along with the QLEDs two top speakers, soundbar’s front/side & up firing speakers together create the ultimate surround sound experience.It enables you to completely immerse yourself in the content, in a way you have never experienced before.

    No more blank screen

    Ambient Mode+

    Watch your TV disappear, blending into the walls of your home. It’s no mere decoration, because even in Ambient Mode+, your TV is ready to push and pull useful information and entertainment whenever you need it. This content floats on the translucent screen so it always fits in your living space.

    * Background feature accuracy may vary based on TV location, dependent on wall designs, patterns, and/or colors.

    See the picture, not the TV

    4 side Bezel-less design

    A sleek and elegant design that draws you to the purest picture. Crafted with an effortless minimalistic style from every angle and a Bezel-less design that sets new standards. You will see only our most immersive cinematic experience ever.

    *The availability of the feature may vary by TV size

    Access various content with one remote

    Smart Hub & One Remote Control

    It’s all you need to discover tons of different content in one place and get maximum enjoyment. The sleek One Remote Control keeps it simple, allowing you to quickly search all your favorite content from your set-top box to game console, apps, and even live TV.

    * Service may not be launched at the same time as QLED, and the availability may vary by region.

    Get what you want just by speaking up

    Multiple Voice Assistants


    Everything is so much easier with voice control. Now you can quickly access favorite content, get answers, and even control your TV and other connected devices around your home. Just tell it what you want.

    Spend time watching, not searching

    Content Guide

    A curated list of content from broadcast and streaming channels, personalized to you. Now, it’s easy to get to your favorite content, without having to open an app.

    * Content services may vary by regions and are subject to change without notifications.

    See multiple contents at the same time

    Multi View


    Multi View splits your TV screen in two, putting the content you’re watching on one side, and mirroring your mobile screen on the other. This means you don’t have to look away from the TV screen to glance at your phone anymore.

    * Feature availability may vary by mobile device.

    Start your smart home life with QLED

    SmartThings Dashboard


    QLED works with SmartThings to put you in control of your smart home. QLED links with IoT devices and sensors so you can turn on the lights, check what’s inside your fridge, and even run the robot vacuum cleaner right from the comfort of your couch. It’s a whole new world.

    Win more games, have more controls

    Real Game Enhancer+

    Experience enhanced gaming without having to make an adjustment. Extra motion clarity reduces halo and blur in fast moving game scenes. Get clear visibility even in dark scenes, and sound that best syncs by game scene. AMD FreeSync reduces tearing and stuttering so you can win every time.

    * Feature availability may vary by game console.
    * The availability of the feature may vary by TV size.


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