Philips 25W, 0.5L Citrus Press HR2771/28

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25W, 0.5L


From the manufacturer

Philips HR2771 Citrus Press Juicer – Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle!

Adopt a healthy lifestyle with this Philips citrus press juicer which extracts the nutrients from the pulp of the fruit in the form of a thick and nutritious juice. The juicer comes with a drip-stop option to prevent juice from dripping continuously and creating a mess. Invest in this juicer and embrace a healthier lifestyle with Philips!

Important Features

  1. PP and SAN plastic body
  2. 25W power requirement
  3. 500ml capacity
  4. Single cone for juicing
  5. Transparent measuring section

Easy-Grip Handle

The product comes with a rectangular shaped handle which does not slip easily. Grip your juice jug cum juicer firmly with the help of the sturdy handle to avoid spillage.

Durable Body

The juicer comes with a durable body made up of strong PP and SAN plastic. The material is resistant to breakage in case of accidental drops.

Easy-Serve Juice Jug

This juicer from Philips extracts the nutrients from your fruits into the lower half of the product which doubles up as a juice jug. The juicer attachment is detachable which lets you use the jug as a juice container.

Single Cone Mechanism

This 500ml juicer from Philips comes with a single cone which extracts the juice from the fruit while minimizing wastage. Press the fruit on the cone and extract the maximum amount of nutrition from your fruits with this ergonomically designed juicer from Philips!

Drip-Stop Feature

The drip stop feature stops the dripping of residual juice from the spout after a juicing session. Keep your kitchen mess-free with the drip-stop feature in this product.

Built-in Cord Storage

This product has a built-in cord storage which allows you to stow the cord inside the body of the juicer itself. This keeps the cord tangle-free.

bout this item

Power: 25 watts

Warranty: 2 years on product

Operating voltage: 220 volts

Volume indication

Low noise level

Easy to pour and clean

2 way random rotation for efficient juice extraction

Includes: Juicer, Instruction manual and Warranty card

This product does not require installation. please contact brand customer care for any product related queires.


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