Philips 1L Rice Cooker HL1662/00

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1L, Conventional Rice Cooker

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Best tasting rice at the touch of a button

Tasty rice, each time, automatically

Open type

Keep Warm function to keep rice fresh for up to 4 hours

Philips Rice Cooker has an in-built, automatic keep warm function. Post cooking, the cooker automatically shifts to the keep warm mode & keeps cooked rice warm, moist & fresh for up to 4 hours.

Starch separator plate ensures khile-khile rice

An accompanying starch separator plate to ensure each grain of rice is well cooked & you get the taste & texture of open pan rice.

2 years worldwide warranty on the whole product

Philips assurance of worldwide warranty of 2 years on the complete product.

No need to cook multiple times thanks to large capacity

Cooks enough for the whole family in one go!

5 year warranty on heating coil

5 year warranty on heating coil giving you peace of mind.

Technical Specifications

  • Measuring cup
  • Rice spatula
Country of origin
Made in
General specifications
Product features
Automatic shut-off
Keep warm function
4  hour(s)
2-year worldwide guarantee
Technical specifications
Capacity bowl
1.0  L
220-240  V
Weight and dimensions
Weight incl. packaging
2.2  kg
Weight of product
1.75  kg
White & pistil red
Color of control panel
Material heating element
Material switch


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