Philips 2300W Steam Iron GC2048/30

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2300 Watt Ceramic Coating  Soleplate 35 gm cont


Fast, from start to finish

5 ways to speed up your ironing

Steam 35g/min;120g steam boost | Ceramic soleplate | Safety Auto off + Anti-calc | 2300 Watts

Power up to 2300 W enabling constant high steam output

Power up to 2300 W enables constant high steam output.

Steam boost up to 120g

The iron’s 120 g steam boost enables you to easily remove even the most stubborn creases.

Continuous steam output up to 35 g/min

Continuous steam output of up to 35 g/min gives you the perfect amount of steam to efficiently remove all creases.

Ceramic soleplate for better gliding performance

Ceramic soleplate is scratch resistant, glides well and easy to clean.

Vertical steam for crease removal in hanging fabrics

This Philips iron has a vertical steam function, for crease removal in hanging fabrics.

Calc clean slider to easily remove scale out of your iron

This steam iron can be operated with normal tap water and the calc clean slider makes it easy to remove any built-up scale out of your iron. To maintain the performance of your Philips steam iron, you should use this scale clean function once a month when using normal tap water.

Iron switches off automatically when left unattended

The iron shuts off automatically when left unattended. If it is left on it’s heelrest it will switch off in 8 minutes. When left on the soleplate or on the side, it only takes 30 seconds before the iron shuts off.

Drip-stop system keeps your garments spotless while ironing

Drip Stop system lets you iron delicate fabrics at low temperatures without having to worry about stains from water droplets.

Triple precision tip for optimal control and visibility

The tip of this Philips iron is precise in 3 ways: it has a pointed tip, button groove and a sleek design of the nose. Triple Precision tip enables you to reach even into the most tricky areas, e.g. around the buttons or between the pleats.

Robust heelrest for improved stability

This iron features a specially designed extra large heelrest, which gives extra stability when it is put in vertical position.

Even steam distribution for efficient ironing

Thanks to the carefully crafted soleplate design, the steam is distributed evenly across the soleplate. This way you need less strokes to evenly moisten the garment and therefore less time to complete the ironing.

Technical Specifications


Fast & powerful crease removal
Ceramic soleplate
Steam output
Continuous steam output
35  g/min
Steam boost
120  g
Vertical steaming
2300  W
Easy to use
Water tank capacity
270  ml
Drip stop
Safety auto off
Reaching tricky areas
Triple precision tip


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