Fundamental Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is committed to give best exchange price of old products with every new purchase. Any purchases made on under the Exchange Offer will be subject to the following terms and conditions:

You Should be the sole, absolute and lawful owner of the product being exchanged (“Used Product”) and you confirm that the Used Product was exclusively for personal use, and not for business or commercial use.

The Used Product along with all accessories, wherever applicable, under the Offer is genuine and is not counterfeit, free from any and all encumbrances, liens, attachments, disputes, legal flaws, exchange or any agreement of sale etc.

Wherever applicable, the details of the Used Product, including its condition, are as stated at the time of availing the Offer.

In the event the Used Product is a mobile, tablet or laptop, such Used Product must be in working condition, and the display / screen of the Used Product should be intact, that is without any scratches, cracks, discoloration, spots, lines, dead pixels, or any other damage of any manner. You must remove any scratch-guard, screen-guard, tempered-glass, or other protective covering applied to the screen of the Used Product device. You must delete/erase all personal data, sign out of your iCloud (iOS) / Google (Android) accounts, and remove any lock code or passwords.

In spite of erasing the data manually/electronically, if any data still accessible due to any reason, Fundamental or its affiliates, the future buyer, or the manufacturer shall not be responsible for the same and you will not approach any of the above parties for any retrieval or deletion of the data.

You understand that in case of Exchange of Appliances(LED/LCD TV, Washing Machine, Refrigerator & Microwave Ovens) the new product delivery and the Used Product pickup will happen simultaneously (hand in hand) and you shall keep the Used Product ready to be un-installed (if applicable) and given for exchange. In the event you refuse to provide the Used Product at the time of delivery of the new product or if it is determined at the time of delivery that the Used Product is different or does not conform to the conditions specified or the Used Product cannot be un-installed by the delivery associate, where applicable, you agree that the transaction and the Offer availed by you may be cancelled or if you wish, converted to a process set out below.

In the event you decide not to proceed with the exchange transaction and retain the Used Product or if the Used Product is different or does not conform to the conditions specified or cannot be un-installed by the delivery associate, you may request the delivery associate, if applicable, to covert the transaction to a regular order. If you elect to avail such option:

  • You need to pay the value (in Cash only) provided to you for the Used Product as part of the transaction and Offer.
  • Once the delivery associate confirms that payment has been received, the delivery associate will hand over the new product and leave the Used Product.


You understand that in case of Exchange of Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops & Air Conditioners the offered value will not be deducted from product value upfront, our associates/vendors will visit your place only after delivery of new product, check the used product whether it is in same condition as you stated earlier, will handover the offered amount in cash and take the old/exchanged product with them. In case they found the product condition is different in respect of your statement they can cancel the exchange offer or offer you an amount in respect of the actual condition. In case the offer doesn’t suite you, you can ask them to cancel and leave the Old material with you.

You understand that once the Used Product is sent for exchange under the Offer, under no circumstance can the Used Product be returned back to you. In the event you return the new product purchased under the Offer, the Used Product will not be returned to you.

You agree not to bring any claim against Fundamental and its affiliates/buyback partner, and any future purchaser of the Used Product in relation to the adequacy of the value (if any) of the Used Product provided as part of the Offer. In the event you do not agree with the value provided to you for the Used Product, you agree not to avail the Offer.